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    Shop Skinnygirl Blog

    Natural Vs. Synthetic Hair Care

    Woman smiling after washing her hair

    For far too long, we’ve widely accepted mostly synthetic made hair care products. We’ve made peace with dryness, dandruff, and a less than healthy mane. Now Shop Skinnygirl is making the declaration: Scalp health is important and beautiful, full, and resilient hair is possible!


    Shop Skinnygirl Hair Care

    Synthetic Alternatives

    Contains only safe nutrients your hair needs

    Can affect other parts of your body; breath interruption, headaches, and rashes

    Natural ingredients combined with your hair’s natural process restores hair growth and thickness (at a faster rate even) and never hinders it

    Can cause hair loss

    Heals the scalp without side effects

    Can cause scalp damage by clogging pores and promoting dandruff

    Facilitates greater hair health and appearance; shinier, smoother, and stronger strands

    Leaves behind harmful residue and causes build up

    Truly cleanses, allowing the scalp to breathe

    Strips hair’s dirt and grime but also its natural nutrients

    More easily allows hair to withstand frequent heat and styling


    Make the switch today and experience what women have been discovering with Shop Skinnygirl every day!


    Experience Ultimate Hair Health And A Lucious Appearance 

     Synthetic products damage our scalps and hair follicles by stripping the hair of its oils needed for continued growth and then providing open pores with chemicals that eventually clog them completely. This clogging action then creates a dry, infertile environment for hair growth and rejuvenation, and the dryness becomes unsightly dandruff.

    The absorption of chemicals through our scalp’s pores pose a risk to our overall health, not just that of our hair. Not only do most regular shampoos irritate and disrupt our oil gland’s natural ability to maintain hair and scalp health, they reduce the size of your hair follicles and lead to hair loss and thinning. Even products claiming to promote hair growth especially have been found to cause more damage than good.

    More natural hair care products, like Shop Skinnygirl’s Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Conditioner duet, only provide your hair with the vital nutrients and support it needs to do its natural thing!

    Natural shampoos penetrate the existing build up, cleanse the scalp gently, and revitalize damaged hair follicles. Shop Skinnygirl’s hair care products, in particular, restore moisture with Aloe Vera and make your scalp the ultimate foundation for fuller hair, stronger strands, and the shiny, healthy appearance you’ve always wanted!

    Haircare Images

    Shop Skinnygirl Hair Care uses organic ingredients and is free from all Parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol, and Petrochemicals. Our products are not tested on animals. All Shop Skinnygirl beauty products are Aloe Vera based for 4 times the hydration of water-based products and 8 times faster.


    Skinnygirl Nourish & Hydrate Shampoo (Lemon Myrtle)

    Our Natural, Nourish & Hydrate Shampoo is fast acting with key ingredients of essential oils, fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. This unique combination of botanicals also cleanses and detoxifies the scalp. It detangles and adds shine to hair while stimulating healthy hair growth.

    It is normal for your hair to feel squeaky clean and slightly dry while washing because our product does not contain synthetic Silicones.


    Skinnygirl Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner (Lemon Myrtle)

    Our Natural, Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner’s key ingredients are essential oils, fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. This unique combination of botanicals softens and detangles the hair adding shine and luster while restoring your hair and scalp’s natural PH balance.

    Please use our natural conditioner on the scalp. It assists balancing the PH to treat and heal the scalp of its history with harsh chemicals. It will not create oiliness as it does not contain synthetic silicones which block the pores.

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    How Do You Keep White Pants White?

    How Do You Keep White Pants White?

    Have you ever avoided fashions simply because you thought the garment care involved would be too much?

    The name of the summer game is to wear white pants, but you can’t because:
    how do you keep white pants white?

    The answer is more simple than you think and Shop Skinnygirl is here to help you push past this safe zone and shine this Spring and Summer in stark white!

    “I still remember when I was in middle school, I had white jeans on. This was back when black eyeliner was popular and we had to "soften" the liner with a lighter/flame. (Dating myself, I know). And as a teen, I used to wipe my hands on my jeans. I had black eyeliner on my fingers and forgot I had white pants on and wiped my fingers on my jeans. Oh...I was horrified!!”  - Amber, Shop Skinnygirl

    Even if you think you’ve mastered cleaning white jeans or pants, expert cleaners say you’re probably doing it wrong. They say no, no, no, absolutely not to dryers, stain pens, soaking, scrubbing, or bleach!

    1. Wash Less Often and Use Natural Detergent

    Bleach, even color-safe bleach, and vinegar will not keep your whites whiter. It actually causes white clothing to yellow over time. It’s best to use a natural cleanser and wash these bottoms less frequently so that the integrity of the fibers are maintained. You should wear this fashion five times before washing it if you want to maintain the brightest white. And don’t forget to wash them alone or only with other whites!

    2. Shower With Them!

    This may seem unorthodox, but showering with your jeans hanging at the far end of your steamy stream will gently lift stains between washes and tighten them just enough to make them fit snug again during your next wear.

    3. Know Your Stain Science

    It’s common to freak out when you’ve acquired an unusual stain, but there is a science to lifting different stains. Always apply these cleaning elements by dabbing the stain first, inside and out, rubbing the element into the stain and then thoroughly rinsing it out.

    • For coffee and grass, use dish soap.
    • For ink, use glycerin-based soap.
    • For red wine, use hydrogen peroxide.

    4. Do The Rinsing In Hot Water

    Rinsing in the correct temperature of water is also a science. 85 degrees is the ideal temperature to treat a stain, any hotter and you may make the stain more permanent. Use the water temperature you would shower in.

    5. Stop Drying

    If you choose to dry your white jeans or pants in the dryer, always inspect the pair first. If they still have a stain you’d worked on, re-treat and wash again to avoid baking the stain further into the fibers. Air drying or using a low heat setting are your safest choices. Heat combined with your detergents, especially unnatural detergents, can cause yellowing and the further breakdown of fibers. 

    6. Accept Off-White

    It’s not realistic to expect your jeans to maintain that crisp stark, new white like when you’ve purchased them. That’s okay! White jeans and pants look best worn into a milky white anyway. Embrace when they’ve reached this stage!

    These are Shop Skinnygirl’s safest tips, but keeping white jeans or pants white isn’t an exact science so feel free to adjust and experiment with these tips and your pairs. The reason this isn’t an exact science is due to variables like your washer, detergent of choice, and the fabric your pants are made of.

    Although Shop Skinnygirl’s white bottoms are all made up of different fabrics, their care instructions are similar across the board: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, warm iron when needed.

    Simple, right? You can do this!

    Try white this Spring and Summer with our wide selection of white styles: 


    Shop Skinnygirl’s Guide To Jeans Rises And Flairs

    Different types of blue jeans

    Stacy London and Clinton Kelly taught us a lot about dressing our bodies on TLC’s ‘What Not To Wear’, didn’t they? Among all the advice, one memorable tip sticks like Gorilla Glue in our minds and that is that the cut and silhouette of apparel is just as important as colors and patterns.

    In this article, Skinnygirl shares with you how to best compliment your shape by purchasing specific rises in jeans. That’s right, you’ve probably been doing it wrong! Accentuate your figure with your favorite wardrobe staple, Skinnygirl Jeans!

    What Body Type Are You?

    At Shop Skinnygirl, we celebrate all of you!

    Straight, Not Curvy Shaped Women

    Women whose shape is more like a rectangle or “banana shape” to some, have little difference between their shoulder, bust, waist, and hip measurements. They aren’t thought to be curvy. According to a North Carolina State University study in 2005, 40% of women were this very shape! Luckily, this shape looks great in nearly any rise of jeans, but if you want to appear curvier and perhaps lengthen your torso (if you’re “all legs”), a low-rise jean might suit you. Congratulations- if you’re this body type, all Skinnygirl jeans would probably look fabulous on you!

    Also, if this is your body type, you can rock a bell bottom! If you are tall, you can go extreme bell and if you are a little on the short side, get jeans that have a smaller bell. 

    Skinnygirl bell bottom blue jeans

    Pear Shaped Women

    20% of women in the study mentioned above were pear-shaped. The most common feature of the pear-shaped woman is her well-endowed hips and thighs. If these assets are prominent, you’re probably pear-shaped. You may also have a smaller waist and bust, shorter legs, and/or a lot of booty, but some pear-shaped women do not. Your best jeans rise is high-rise! A high-rise jean will lengthen the legs and provide the most support and coverage for your midsection and backside.

    Pear-shaped and curvy women can consider a bell bottom that is tighter in the buttocks and thigh area, and bell from the mid-knee, long and wide enough to cover their shoes.

    Highrise Flare Jeans-Lexington is also a tremendous Skinnygirl jean for you!

    Broad Shoulder & Apple Shaped Women

    Apple shaped women and inverted triangles are often considered two different body types, but when talking about jean rises, they are best suited by the same: mid to high-rise jeans. Like pear-shaped women, these jeans that sit at the natural waist or higher will elongate your legs and give you tummy control and booty coverage.

    If you’re curious, 14% of women in the North Carolina State University study were apple shaped.

    Two flairs work well with this shape. The first is the loose fit, which is tighter in the buttocks and top of the thighs but then flairs out well before the knee.

    A bell bottom might overwhelm and alter the natural shape of this woman too much, so an apple shaped woman or woman with narrower hips would also benefit from bootcut jeans that cover just half their shoe.

    Straight leg Skinnygirl blue jeans (Cabrini style)

    Proportionate/Hourglass Shaped Women

    To show off an hourglass shape, a woman with a smaller waist and bigger bust and hips, should also go with a higher rise. Ideally, she’d wear a pair of jeans that came up higher than her natural waist to show off her golden ratio!   

    Although the hourglass shape is often assumed to be the most common shape of all of them, it came in last in North Carolina State U’s study. Only 8% of women had a true hourglass figure.

    Curvier women should consider bell bottoms that are tighter in the buttocks and thigh area, bell from the mid-knee and are wide enough to cover their shoe.


    White Skinnygirl jeans with corsette waist

    Women On The Short Side

    All of these body types can be on the short side and Skinnygirl only has one piece of advice for elongating the legs and that is: the higher, the better! Find a jean that covers your belly button or higher, rather than a low-rise pair that may cut you down to size visually.

    Again, for women on the short side, avoid too much bell bottom. If you are a non-curvy rectangular shape, you can get away with some bell. And if you are on the petite side as well, avoid any shape that will overwhelm you. Bootcuts with wedges is your best bet!

    Check out this Skinnygirl wardrobe staple the looks great on all body types!


    Skinnygirl skinny blue jeans plus size 

    Skinnygirl Jeans - A Behind the Scenes Look

    Bethenny believes everyone has assets worth showing off in a great pair of jeans and this is why she strives to make apparel for every body type. Every woman can find a fashion and fit she loves within Shop Skinnygirl, which is what the Skinnygirl movement is all about!

    Bethenny cares a lot about the style, quality, fit, and details of every design conceptualized for Shop Skinnygirl and not all designs make the cut! The best jeans and other apparel designs will fit and stretch exceptionally well and have the unique detailing Skinnygirl is known for.

    Check out the latest from the Skinnygirl jeans line here!

    What Are Shaping Boyshorts For?

    What Are Shaping Boyshorts For?

    From special occasion dresses, work clothes, or even just your favorite Skinnygirl Jeans and a beloved t-shirt, any outfit can be paired with shapewear comfortably and make you look great! Here are some things you should know about shapewear in general and more about a best-kept secret of ours, Shaping Boyshorts.

    Shapewear Through The Times

    Shapewear was a woman's wardrobe staple for hundreds of years before and has come a long way since. Once upon a time, shapewear compressed your body everywhere firmly causing the fat to escape the top or bottom of the garment. Nowadays, shapewear is safer and compresses in strategic placement rather than everywhere. This gives your shape a more natural silhouette and also relieves a lot of discomfort, allowing you to use shapewear more often!

    The Necessary Cautions of Wearing Shapewear Regularly

    The dangers of wearing too tight of shapewear too often can include blocked sweat glands, urinary tract infections or issues going to the bathroom, and damaged nerves or organs by over-compression. This can be avoided by choosing the right size for you. Squeezing into a size smaller will not make you look slimmer! In fact, it will do just the opposite and possibly cause you harm. Shopping with your bust, waist, and hip measurement will help you pick the right size for you and ensure you purchase a piece you'll love. If you find you want to wear them often, take note of how you feel in them. If any discomfort, let yourself breathe and evaluate your garment use.

    Boyshorts- A Great Place To Begin!

    Shaping Boyshorts are actually one of the best recommendations for women new to shapewear. Part of the reason is because this type is nearly the same to take off when using the restroom as underwear so you won't dread going to the bathroom! The stomach, hips, thighs, and butt are often problem areas for women and Shaping Boyshorts addresses them all! If you have bulk in your thighs and some extra around your midsection you'd like to see smoothed, Skinnygirl's Long Leg Boyshorts will target your thighs, hips, butt, and midsection. If you want to disguise panty lines and unwanted texture or simply cover your private parts beneath a dress, the Regular Length Boyshort will do the trick.

    Skinnygirl's Seamless Shaping Boyshort 2 Pack, 2 Lengths!

    Skinnygirl Shaping Boy Shorts

    Beneath dress or pants and tops, Shaping Boyshorts will smooth your silhouette and enhance your natural shape. For maximum comfort, you get two different styles of boyshorts, one regular length and one long for extra shaping of the thigh. Both have double layer waistbands for the best tummy control. As previously mentioned, be sure to measure your bust, waist, and hips to purchase the correct size for you and enjoy your new wardrobe staple!