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    How To Select the Right Shade Of Red Lipstick

    How To Select the Right Shade Of Red Lipstick


    For centuries, the red lipstick has been a staple in the beauty routine of women around the world. Worn by some of the most iconic women of all times, Red lips always make a big statement.

    Red lips can be an amazing draw, however, finding the right shade can be difficult. Some reds can make your skin look pale or sick, others can make your teeth appear more yellow.

    You need to find the right shade for your skin in order to let red do its magic for your appearance.

    Shop Skinnygirl is here to help you find the right shade!

    Determine Your Skin Tone

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to find the perfect shade of red lipstick is to use your skin tone as a guide. If you are able to determine that you have a warm or a cool skin tone, it will be easier to find the right shade of red to complete your look.

    To determine this, turn your arm over to look at the inside of your wrist.

    Observe your veins closely.

    If they are greenish in color, you have warm skin.

    If they are bluish in color, you have cool skin.

    If they are a mixture of green and blue, then you probably have a neutral skin tone. Being neutral means you can get away with most shades of red.

    The Right Shades for Warm Skin Tones

    If you are certain you have a warm skin tone, choosing the right shade of red lipstick will be much easier. They come in various warm tones that will make you look great, including brown, copper, coral, gold, and orange undertones. You will see such words as orange, coral, golden, sunset, or fiery included in their names.

    It is important to note here that you should also consider the color of your teeth while choosing your lipstick.

    If your teeth are not particularly white, avoid reds with orange tones.

    The Right Shades for Cool Skin Tones

    If you are sure you have cool skin tone, it will be equally as easy to pick the right shade of red lipstick to give you the perfect look.

    You should stick to red lips with cool tones which include blue, pink, or plum undertones. You will see such words as burgundy, cherry, crimson, raspberry, rose, or wine included in their names.

    If your teeth color is somewhat yellowish, you will most benefit from wearing red lipstick with blue undertones. It will make your teeth appear whiter and give you a brighter smile. The result will be even more sensational if you wear hot pink or berry tones.

    Your Skin Tone's Depth And The Perfect Red

    Figuring out the perfect undertones is one giant step towards getting it right with red lipsticks, but you will also have to match the depth of the shade with the depth of your skin color.

    Eventually, you will have to try different hues to determine what shade looks best on your lips, considering your entire face.

    A bright red lip color will be great if you have fair skin. Dark red can also be good if you have fair skin and dark hair.

    If you have dark skin, you will likely look better with deep, rich, vibrant red shades.

    A medium skin gives you the advantage of looking good in most shades of red.

    Taking your time to figure out what works best for you is very important. This article is just a guide to make the process a little easier. Try different things until you are satisfied.

    Once you identify the perfect shade, you will be surprised at how much easier it will become to look glamorous with your red lips!

    Shop Skinnygirl Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

    Adult daughter giving mother a gift box

    In April, Bethenny said in an interview with AOL at Variety’s Power Of Women Event, “I feel most powerful when I’m with my daughter and I’m having quality time with her, loving time, connective time, when we are really connecting, not unlike when I’m connecting with other women, like in this room. But when I’m connecting with my daughter, I feel whole and centered.”

    Because quality time and memories are the ultimate gifts Mothers and their children want, in honor of Mother’s Day this year, we’re putting together a simple gift guide full of ideas any Mother is sure to appreciate.

    1. Flowers and Lunch

    Flowers are a simple, classic gesture to show your Mother she’s special to you.

    Studies show that flowers boost happiness and emotional health. It’s been discovered many times over in hospital settings, patients who received more flowers needed less pain killers than patients who received less.

    Even the sight of specific colors can have an effect on our brains. Yellow is a common flower color for expressing adoration. The color immediately lifts the spirits.

    Purple is an adventurous color that is sure to set the stage for a magical day. Blue and green floral arrangements promote tranquility and calmness. And countless other colors can add extra meaning to your floral arrangement as a gift.

    Bring your Mother lunch or take her out.

    2. A Shop Skinnygirl Gift Card

    Giving the gift of shopping is one way to say “Treat yourself, Mom. Buy yourself something nice.”. Any gift card she may like will do; however, Shop Skinnygirl has an electronic gift card that is easy to gift, especially in a time crunch. Simply purchase one for $10, $25, $50, or $100 and receive your e-gift card via email, which you can forward to your Mother or print to give her in person.

    Dress it up! If you’ve printed your Shop Skinnygirl gift card, choose the perfect greeting card to put it in, make your own, or write her a thoughtful letter.

    Shop Skinnygirl Gift Card


    3. A Car or On-The-Go Gift

    Almost all Moms use their cars daily or are on-the-go in another manner. You can gift her a car wash package from a local fuel station, along with some car care accessories like air fresheners or a small makeup bag with travel size toiletries like hand sanitizer, lotion, kleenex, tweezers, bandages, a bottle of nail polish, and any other things you can imagine she’d use on the go.


    4. Top Of The Line Beauty Products

    Beauty products like hair and skin care are gifts that Mothers can always make use of. An everyday luxury like Shop Skinnygirl’s best selling Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Conditioner or 100% Natural 5-Piece Skinnygirl Natural Radiance Series will make your Mom smile daily as she takes the best care of herself with our premier products.


    Skincare Radiance Series


    5. Spa Services

    Manicures, pedicures, and facials are all great spa services to gift your Mother, especially if you think she’d enjoy your company when doing so. You can also make a gift basket of products you can use to have a spa night at home!

    Try Shop Skinnygirl’s Natural Body Oil - Sensual (Sandalwaood, Lavender, Marjoram, and Mandarin blend)

    Body Oil

    Which Length Of Shorts Is Right For You?

    Which Length Of Shorts Is Right For You?

    Quick Tips For Shorts Shopping

    Have a pair you already love? Determine why they flatter you.

    If you have a style of shorts in your wardrobe that you already love, put them on and make a mental checklist of the attributes that flatter you. Is it because of the material? The color? The length? This exercise will greatly help you pick out the best shorts for you and your comfort, which is most important!

    Which part of your leg is most flattering? End your hem there.

    Where your shorts are hemmed is where the viewers’ eyes will go so if you are not a fan of your knees, do not get a length that ends anywhere near your knees. If you love a part of your leg, be sure to get a pair of shorts that highlight that asset!


    Shorts Lengths For Your Body Type

    If you’re on the shorter side, short shorts will lengthen your legs.

    When looking for the right pair of short shorts (not too short!), look for a pair with no less than a 3”-5” inseam. This measurement will give you adequate coverage and lengthen your legs the right amount. Avoid the rolled look because that will shorten your legs even more! Here are some Shop Skinnygirl Short Shorts:

    Girlfriend Shorts - Burgess 

    burgess shorts

    Girlfriend Shorts - Kensington



    Girlfriend Shorts With Slit - Southern Peach



    If you’re plus size, opt for a Bermuda short.

    Bermuda shorts are knee length or just above and can complement your shape while covering areas you are less comfortable showing. For added coverage of the tummy and backside, you can purchase Bermuda or knee-length shorts that are also mid or high-rise. Lengthen the legs and draw attention to your cute feet and calves with a comfortable wedge. More fitted knee-length shorts will likely look better than a looser fit, so also keep this in mind.


    If you’re tall and slender, you can wear nearly any length short and look great.

    Unlike short women, you CAN get away with the rolled shorts look and nearly any other style of shorts.

    Shop all Shop Skinnygirl Shorts


    Your safe bet? All body types look great in mid-length shorts.

    Sometimes referred to as “walk shorts”, mid-length shorts suit all body types and end between the knee and thigh. They cover the thigh area which makes many women more comfortable and still elongate the legs because they don’t end at the knee, cutting your leg in half. Mid-length shorts are also more appropriate for all occasions. They can easily be dressed up with a heel or wedge, or dressed down with a cute pair of “walkers”. The inseam of mid-length shorts are typically 7-8”. Check out Shop Skinnygirl’s Mid-Length Shorts:


    Mid-rise Long Shorts Pierced with Frayed Hem - Brisbane


    Mid-Rise Long Shorts With Frayed Hem - Hudson



    Keep Your Faux Tan Off Your Clothes, Bedding, And Furniture

    Keep Your Faux Tan Off Your Clothes, Bedding, And Furniture

    Shop Skinnygirl looooovveess white! And after we received such a response to our blog, ‘How Do You Keep White Pants White?’, we realize you do, too! We figured some of our friends might also enjoy spray tans or faux tanning products and may need a little extra-special advice on how to keep your glow off the stuff you love!

    Tip #1: Prep Your Skin Properly Before Tanning

     If you get professionally spray tanned often, you likely already know how to host the best conditions for the product to adhere to your body and look great. This part is also essential for keeping your faux tan on your body and NOT on every light colored piece of clothing you wear or furniture you sit on!

    For D.I.Y. Glowers and occasional spray tan tryers, we’ll refresh you!

    It’s best to remove body hair, exfoliate, and cleanse the skin with non-moisturizing body soap well before your appointment or application time. The day before is best.

    You can moisturize after you’ve showered and prepped your skin, but it should have plenty of time to fully absorb before your appointment or application time. Don’t use an oil-based or heavy moisturizer before or after your tan as it doesn’t combine well with tanning products, causing removal and blotchiness.

    Tip #2. Self-Tan Before Bed & Sleep In Dark Clothing

    After you’ve spray tanned or used a product to give yourself a glow, let it fully dry 5-10 minutes. Then you need to allow it to fully set for 8 hours. This is why it is best to do it just before bed when you don’t have places to go and things to do. Wear loose black clothing so that none of your light clothes or bedding get stained while you sleep and set!

    Tip #3. Avoid Sweating During Development

    Every spray tan or self-tanning product has a period when the pigment is developing. This happens even after your initial 8-hour setting period, so you will want to avoid sweating (or any moisture) that may cause streaking and unevenness. Sweating and moisture can also lift the product and allow it to transfer onto things. If you want added security, you can pick up a body powder and apply it lightly to absorb any moisture you might come into contact with. You can shower 16-24 hours after you’ve applied product/spray tanned and then you should not have it transfer to clothes, furniture, or bedding any longer!

    Tip #4. D.I.Y.ers, Choose The Right Product and Use It The Right Way

    It’s tempting to use products labeled for working instantly, but these products are the most likely to rub off onto things. It’s best to use something labeled for gradual development. It will look better and it will work with your body’s chemistry instead of sitting on your skin’s surface.

    It’s also tempting to apply a ton of the product, but it’s best to put a liberal amount in your hands that will glide over the skin evenly. Apply it in long, thin strokes until it is absorbed. Any product that goes unabsorbed is likely to adhere to your clothing, bedding, and furniture- so work incrementally.

    Tip #5. If You’ve Stained Something, Here Is How To Treat It

    Take a deep breath. Most tanning products have thought about staining and developed their product to lift from fabrics easily. Try the following steps to recover your beloved items.

    If possible, turn the item inside out and run cold water through the back of the stain. This should gently lift the particles away from the article and push them away from the fabric.

    Wash the item in a water and laundry detergent solution. In a pinch, dish soap will do. Using a finger, work the solution into the stain. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

    Launder in your machine as usual, however, do not dry on high heat or sun dry as the heat may bake in a stain that hasn’t fully come out.

    If furniture is involved, use water and dish detergent with a sponge and work from the stain’s outside to its inside to avoid making it larger.

    There you have it! You CAN have a glow AND wear white (after 16-24 hours). Here are some Shop Skinnygirl fashions for your newfound freedom:


    Mid-rise Skinny Twisted Side Jeans - White

    Skinnygirl Twisted Side Jeans

    Alex Off The Shoulder Top - Heather Grey/White Stripe

    SkinnygirlOff the Shoulder Top

    Girlfriend Shorts - Burgess

    Girlfriend shorts Burgess


    V-Neck Side-Slit Tee - Celestial Blue

    Dahlia Tee

    Natural Vs. Synthetic Hair Care

    Woman smiling after washing her hair

    For far too long, we’ve widely accepted mostly synthetic made hair care products. We’ve made peace with dryness, dandruff, and a less than healthy mane. Now Shop Skinnygirl is making the declaration: Scalp health is important and beautiful, full, and resilient hair is possible!


    Shop Skinnygirl Hair Care

    Synthetic Alternatives

    Contains only safe nutrients your hair needs

    Can affect other parts of your body; breath interruption, headaches, and rashes

    Natural ingredients combined with your hair’s natural process restores hair growth and thickness (at a faster rate even) and never hinders it

    Can cause hair loss

    Heals the scalp without side effects

    Can cause scalp damage by clogging pores and promoting dandruff

    Facilitates greater hair health and appearance; shinier, smoother, and stronger strands

    Leaves behind harmful residue and causes build up

    Truly cleanses, allowing the scalp to breathe

    Strips hair’s dirt and grime but also its natural nutrients

    More easily allows hair to withstand frequent heat and styling


    Make the switch today and experience what women have been discovering with Shop Skinnygirl every day!


    Experience Ultimate Hair Health And A Lucious Appearance 

     Synthetic products damage our scalps and hair follicles by stripping the hair of its oils needed for continued growth and then providing open pores with chemicals that eventually clog them completely. This clogging action then creates a dry, infertile environment for hair growth and rejuvenation, and the dryness becomes unsightly dandruff.

    The absorption of chemicals through our scalp’s pores pose a risk to our overall health, not just that of our hair. Not only do most regular shampoos irritate and disrupt our oil gland’s natural ability to maintain hair and scalp health, they reduce the size of your hair follicles and lead to hair loss and thinning. Even products claiming to promote hair growth especially have been found to cause more damage than good.

    More natural hair care products, like Shop Skinnygirl’s Lemon Myrtle Shampoo and Conditioner duet, only provide your hair with the vital nutrients and support it needs to do its natural thing!

    Natural shampoos penetrate the existing build up, cleanse the scalp gently, and revitalize damaged hair follicles. Shop Skinnygirl’s hair care products, in particular, restore moisture with Aloe Vera and make your scalp the ultimate foundation for fuller hair, stronger strands, and the shiny, healthy appearance you’ve always wanted!

    Haircare Images

    Shop Skinnygirl Hair Care uses organic ingredients and is free from all Parabens, SLS, Propylene Glycol, and Petrochemicals. Our products are not tested on animals. All Shop Skinnygirl beauty products are Aloe Vera based for 4 times the hydration of water-based products and 8 times faster.


    Skinnygirl Nourish & Hydrate Shampoo (Lemon Myrtle)

    Our Natural, Nourish & Hydrate Shampoo is fast acting with key ingredients of essential oils, fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. This unique combination of botanicals also cleanses and detoxifies the scalp. It detangles and adds shine to hair while stimulating healthy hair growth.

    It is normal for your hair to feel squeaky clean and slightly dry while washing because our product does not contain synthetic Silicones.


    Skinnygirl Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner (Lemon Myrtle)

    Our Natural, Nourish & Hydrate Conditioner’s key ingredients are essential oils, fruit extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. This unique combination of botanicals softens and detangles the hair adding shine and luster while restoring your hair and scalp’s natural PH balance.

    Please use our natural conditioner on the scalp. It assists balancing the PH to treat and heal the scalp of its history with harsh chemicals. It will not create oiliness as it does not contain synthetic silicones which block the pores.

    You Might Also Like…





    How Do You Keep White Pants White?

    How Do You Keep White Pants White?

    Have you ever avoided fashions simply because you thought the garment care involved would be too much?

    The name of the summer game is to wear white pants, but you can’t because:
    how do you keep white pants white?

    The answer is more simple than you think and Shop Skinnygirl is here to help you push past this safe zone and shine this Spring and Summer in stark white!

    “I still remember when I was in middle school, I had white jeans on. This was back when black eyeliner was popular and we had to "soften" the liner with a lighter/flame. (Dating myself, I know). And as a teen, I used to wipe my hands on my jeans. I had black eyeliner on my fingers and forgot I had white pants on and wiped my fingers on my jeans. Oh...I was horrified!!”  - Amber, Shop Skinnygirl

    Even if you think you’ve mastered cleaning white jeans or pants, expert cleaners say you’re probably doing it wrong. They say no, no, no, absolutely not to dryers, stain pens, soaking, scrubbing, or bleach!

    1. Wash Less Often and Use Natural Detergent

    Bleach, even color-safe bleach, and vinegar will not keep your whites whiter. It actually causes white clothing to yellow over time. It’s best to use a natural cleanser and wash these bottoms less frequently so that the integrity of the fibers are maintained. You should wear this fashion five times before washing it if you want to maintain the brightest white. And don’t forget to wash them alone or only with other whites!

    2. Shower With Them!

    This may seem unorthodox, but showering with your jeans hanging at the far end of your steamy stream will gently lift stains between washes and tighten them just enough to make them fit snug again during your next wear.

    3. Know Your Stain Science

    It’s common to freak out when you’ve acquired an unusual stain, but there is a science to lifting different stains. Always apply these cleaning elements by dabbing the stain first, inside and out, rubbing the element into the stain and then thoroughly rinsing it out.

    • For coffee and grass, use dish soap.
    • For ink, use glycerin-based soap.
    • For red wine, use hydrogen peroxide.

    4. Do The Rinsing In Hot Water

    Rinsing in the correct temperature of water is also a science. 85 degrees is the ideal temperature to treat a stain, any hotter and you may make the stain more permanent. Use the water temperature you would shower in.

    5. Stop Drying

    If you choose to dry your white jeans or pants in the dryer, always inspect the pair first. If they still have a stain you’d worked on, re-treat and wash again to avoid baking the stain further into the fibers. Air drying or using a low heat setting are your safest choices. Heat combined with your detergents, especially unnatural detergents, can cause yellowing and the further breakdown of fibers. 

    6. Accept Off-White

    It’s not realistic to expect your jeans to maintain that crisp stark, new white like when you’ve purchased them. That’s okay! White jeans and pants look best worn into a milky white anyway. Embrace when they’ve reached this stage!

    These are Shop Skinnygirl’s safest tips, but keeping white jeans or pants white isn’t an exact science so feel free to adjust and experiment with these tips and your pairs. The reason this isn’t an exact science is due to variables like your washer, detergent of choice, and the fabric your pants are made of.

    Although Shop Skinnygirl’s white bottoms are all made up of different fabrics, their care instructions are similar across the board: Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, warm iron when needed.

    Simple, right? You can do this!

    Try white this Spring and Summer with our wide selection of white styles: